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Legion has been built to take the industry by storm and has its sights set on becoming the national leader in catastrophe claims administration for the insurance, environmental claims, and governmental recovery sectors. Standing on more than 50 years combined experience, Legion was conceived by Steve Brown and a team of industry professionals who saw the need for a new CAT adjusting company after witnessing the struggle within the industry in 2017 to find reliable claims resources following back-to-back major hurricanes in the southern United States. Agile and experienced, Legion pairs responsiveness, expertise, and the latest claims technology to provide clients with a partner that stands at the ready, prepared for the time when disaster or crisis inevitably will strike.


From1988’s Shell Refinery Explosion to Hurricane Michael in 2018, Legion’s management team has consulted on, managed, supplied personnel to, or to some extent been involved with nearly every major national catastrophe since the late 1980s, including:

Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Chief Executive officer

Steve Brown is a second-generation owner of an independent adjusting firm that celebrated 50 years in business in 2017. A licensed attorney, he left the family business briefly to practice insurance defense law, but later returned to his independent adjusting firm in 1992 to assume leadership as its Owner/President.The company prospered and gained a reputation for integrity and high-quality service in the area of daily property and casualty claims. While the emphasis of his companies has been on multi-lines daily claims, Brown also operated a successful catastrophe division on a local and regional level. His proficiency and that of his management team in both daily multi-lines and catastrophe claims brings synergy, an extra layer of expertise, and a scalable attention to detail to Legion and its focus on national catastrophe claims management.

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Building real relationships allows us to better understand and serve our clients.


Companies need to know that in working with Legion, their catastrophe claims response partner will be there for them in force.


Our past experience paves the way for our future, one claims professional at a time, one catastrophe response at a time.


We provide clients a well-trained, experienced and efficient claims workforce that gets the job done right.

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